"The Terminal Sire
which Ticks ALL the Boxes"
Blue Texel Sheep Society
  • 1st Prize Shearling Ewe, Supreme Champion - Derg Glitter from S Allen & A Shortt

Blue Texel sheep are one of the most recent breeds to be imported into the UK.

Blue Texels are quickly gaining popularity with commercial sheep farmers as terminal sires for prime lamb production.

Blue Texels are;

  • ideal terminal sires, crossing well with any type of ewe
  • over 90% of lambs born will be WHITE
  • easily lambed, smaller heads
  • good vigorous lambs at birth, stand and suck their mothers quickly
  • finished lambs are well fleshed with excellent conformation
  • quality carcases with a high killing out percentage achieving premium grades
  • easily finished off grass, hence avoiding extra feed costs
  • suit low input and organic systems
  • rams are good workers and easily kept
  • will compete with many counterparts for profitability