"The Terminal Sire
which Ticks ALL the Boxes"
Blue Texel Sheep Society

Breed Standard of Blue Texel Sheep - together with the most commonly found faults

The Blue Texel is an easy lambing carcase sheep of an attractive colour. Rams are popular because their progeny are easily lambed, something which the narrow head and light bone of the Blue Texel are promoted for. 
They are a hardy breed, originating on the very exposed Texel Island and Holland, therefore the hair, found from birth, on the heads and legs of all of these animals is also an important characteristic. 
All sheep must be correct in teeth, teats, testicles and legs. 

Summary of Preferable Breed Characteristics

Head and Neck

  • A narrow head is characteristic of the breed’s easy lambing qualities. 
  • A white halter mark, ideally the width of a webbing halter but may be broader. The halter mark may be a strong white but can also be fainter but must be visible.
  • The poll is flat with no wool. 
  • Head is covered with fine hair, part of the breed’s hair hardiness, with white tips to the ears.
  • Broad Mouth, with visible white markings below the mouth, like small incisor teeth. 
  • Ears well set, ideally at ten to two. ​


  • The Blue Texel is a medium sized sheep well-muscled from shoulder to tail with a level top line. 
  • Fleece should be dense, with no kemp, tightly stapled and lustrous. 


  • The sheep should stand square and balanced. One of the main characteristics of the breed is that the sheep are fairly light of bone.
  • Wooled to the middle of the forearm and to the middle of the shank behind, the lower legs are covered in fine dark hair with white hairs appearing at the top of the front legs.
  • Feet should be strong and black pointing forward.


  • The ideal colour of a Blue Texel is one that varies from a darker head and shoulder, through a lighter bluey colour over the back, with dark fleece again appearing around the back end. Untrimmed, the fleece can take on a brownish tinge.
  • White markings on the face in a halter mark, white markings on the upper legs.
  • White edge to the ears  and white fang marks on the lower lip.
  • At the base of the staple the colour should ideally resemble steel blue.
  • Excessive white towards the poll is to be discouraged